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Sky Q in Cardiff

With satellite TV services in Cardiff the skies the limit...

There are various different platforms of satellite TV broadcast available in Cardiff. We'll start with Sky Q. Sky Q is a subscription TV service with offers a large number of channels with TV packages from as little as £25 per month. The down side for the cheaper packages is the channel lineup is a bit thin & doesn't include Sky Sports or Movies, so if that's what you'd like then, expect a large hike in the price you pay. The basic package does include The Discovery channel, Gold, Comedy Central, etc to name a few.

But here's the rub, if your're like most TV watchers you'll probably find that most of the you watch main steam TV stations; BBC, ITV, CHANEL 4. So is the subscription worth the money? Another thing to take into account is your Broadband charges, if you add these to your subscription then the costs spiral up & up!

If you're struggling with a tricky satellite dish installation because of obstruction or height restriction then, give me a call as I maybe able to help!

Stay tuned for my next article on the benefits of Freesat satellite dish installation!

Sky Q

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