• Daniel Herbert

Great value TV aerial repair in Cardiff & surrounding areas

Here at Multipoint Aerials Cardiff you can rely on great value TV aerial repairs in Cardiff.

From fault finding to new installation, I have many years experience, there's no aerial or satellite system I can't repair.

Don't be fooled by national companies offering free call outs or anything else for FREE? That has to be to good to be true surely? I run a small business & obviously have business costs but, unlike my larger competition I don't have the same overheads of competitors such as massive online advertising budgets... these budgets ain't cheap (trust me I know) & have to be paid for somehow? Yes you've guessed it, by you the customer!

I don't pay for online adverts or paper directories such as, Yellow Pages or Thomson Local etc. I have designed my own website & only use organic placement on Google.

Guess what that means? You don't have to pay for those services on top of any aerial repair work in your bill!

If you're looking for a professional, reliable TV aerial service in Cardiff or surrounding areas... Look no further!

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