• Daniel Herbert

Free TV in Cardiff... the pros & cons

With the current situation with subscription TV services such as Sky Q, BT Vision, Plusnet, Virgin & Talk Talk there's no better time to unchain yourself from monthly payments.

Free TV from services such as Freeview & Freesat have never been better!

Now you can get all of the internet TV services from BBCi Player, 4od, Demand 5 etc, that run alongside normal over the air broadcasts, there's plenty of choice for TV without the monthly costs...

So why pay for it? Well you might ask? If you need a little extra why not just subscribe to an internet service such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Now TV. A much cheaper option than choosing the supposed ease of subscribing to the big 5.

The trouble is it's all made to easy, just pick up the phone or go online & bosh you're signed up for a 18 month contract at an eye watering cost. Then you can mainly watch what you could be watching for FREE?! Is that making sense?

TV in Cardiff

At Multipoint Aerials Cardiff it's easy! For just a one off payment you could have a TV aerial or satellite dish installed to just 1 or multiple rooms in your house. This would enable you to break free of the monthly contract. You'll be surprised how much you'll save over time.

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